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A World On Purpose

Jun 7, 2021

Michael Schibel had an epiphany that his successful career as a talent agent was both unfulfilling and not his life purpose. What did he do? He put his passion for travel since a teenager into action!  Quitting his job & selling it all, he left for what he calls his "grateful journey." The meaningful experiences on that trip sparked his brilliant new platform and podcast called "Travel with Meaning," Travel With Meaning is a lifestyle & content brand connecting people through authentic travel storytelling. 

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Mike is a SoCal native who grew up at the beach, loving the ocean and riding waves. Exploring National Parks as a boy scout, traveling with family to their cabin in northern Minnesota and early adulthood traveling abroad led Mike on a transformational solo adventure around the world. His passion for building community and sharing impactful travel moments sparked the idea to launch Travel With Meaning a lifestyle and content brand connecting people through authentic travel storytelling. Have a listen to the Travel With Meaning Podcast as Mike interviews notable guests from around the globe whose travels shaped who they are today


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