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A World On Purpose

Jun 21, 2021

Life can be unpredictable. Sometimes, something can arise that completely changes the direction we thought we wanted, shifting us to things that actually end up being our purpose. That is the touching and uplifting story of Mitra Ahouraian, Esq. Listen to Mitra poetically describe life growing up as the daughter of Iranian Immigrants in Los Angeles, and being on the career path to medicine, when her father's unexpected illness shifted her original purpose to the impactful work she does now in law.

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Mitra Ahouraian, Esq., is the founder and principal attorney at Ahouraian Law, a full-service corporate and entertainment law firm based in Los Angeles, California. She holds degrees from both UCLA and Loyola Law School, with a specialty from UCLA in Entertainment Studies and an emphasis in Business and Legal Affairs. She’s represented some of the most prominent actors, writers, directors, producers, models, influencers, financiers, and lenders in Hollywood, New York and more. Ahouraian’s philosophy is that her clients have more than just a firm working on their behalf; they have personal advocates who care about the outcome. She prides herself in being strategic, prepared and personable. Her aim is to make the law more accessible to others, which is why she takes great pride in the time she takes sharing useful information through her YouTube and Instagram channels. You can find her online at or on YouTube at and Instagram at @MitraEsq.


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