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A World On Purpose

Jul 19, 2021

As a young boy Sasha Strauss realized how powerfully influential TV advertising was over human free will & how that could be a power for bad or good. That realization, as well as being raised by parents who dedicated their lives to service, made him choose a path of good and kick started his 25 year career as a successful brand strategist. Hear how his company, Innovation Protocol, defined brands for leading corps, faiths, NGO's & academic institutions & taught how to integrate purpose into their message.

Bio: (,
Sasha Strauss teaches from 25 years in brand strategy, having defined brands for leading corporations, philanthropies, faiths, and academic institutions.

Sasha's distinct and direct approach to how brands must be constructed and communicated is the foundation for his brand strategy firm, Innovation Protocol (IP). Their ability to inspire while they inform is why innovator brands like Nestlé, PayPal, LEGO, Google, Disney, and Korn Ferry have called on their consulting and thought leadership for 14 years.

While running IP as Managing Director, Sasha concurrently teaches brand strategy at UCLA, USC, and UCI business schools.